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We offer merchants high quality direct traffic to maximize their ROI and reach, while providing publishers highly performing CPA, Revenue Share and Hybrid ads to better monetize their web audience.

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Imperial Deal

The Best iGaming Affiliate Network in the World.

Imperial Deal is a platform dedicated to affiliate marketing for the gambling industry. Our main goals are pretty simple: do you want to make money through your web traffic? Are you passionate about sports and online casinos? We can definitely help you!

With Imperial Deal you can earn with your website in a simple and reliable way. Choose our igaming affiliate network to benefit from the highest commissions on the market and many dedicated offers: build your passive income in minutes thanks to the quality of market-leading programs!

By joining Imperial Deal you will be able to convert your content on sports betting, casino and any other online gambling games into money: safe and verified income, paid on your bank account every 7 days!

All the best brands in the industry have already chosen our platform for their advertising campaigns, recognizing the expertise of a company that has been active in the igaming market for over 20 years with dedication, passion and proficiency. Are you ready to be part of it?

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Got good traffic?

Become publisher and start to earn a lot of money.

Join the best gambling affiliate network on the web. At your disposal the best deals and all the benefits a publisher could ever want. If you have quality traffic and want to start making real money with gambling affiliations, you are in the right place!

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Verified review

Very selective with publishers but very performing campaigns

Kevin S.

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Excellent support, good bookies and great campaigns

Alex P.

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Add Your Heading Text HereEverything perfect, an excellent network

John C.

Why choose as

The best network an affiliate could ask for.

Top bookies in the world

Our network includes the most famous and reliable bookies in the world, which will guarantee you an high trust.

Payment each 7 days for top players

Prove us to be a quality publisher and you will have the ability to request payments every week.

Low payout

You read that right! You will be able to claim your payments as soon as you hit the ridiculous 50 euros payout threshold!

Timely payments

We are very punctual to pay. We will make payments on the 10th of each month, without further delay.

Premium deals for high traffic websites

Do you have a website with high quality audience we can evaluate? If yes you can ask for a premium deal.

Many rewards for achieving goals

Each month prizes will be up for grabs that can be unlocked upon reaching specific goals.

High quality marketing support

Increase your conversion rate and website visibility by requiring our professional marketing support.

Free marketing academy

Access to a lot of marketing tips and increase your earning with the our free marketing academy.

Custom welcome bonus

You can use dedicated welcome bonuses to increase the conversion rate of your campaigns.

Unique affiliation program

From a single platform you can manage all your profits and the progress of your campaigns.

Dedicated affiliate manager

Do you need help? We will dedicate an account manager ready to respond to your every need.


Promote imperialdeal.com and earn an extra 5% on new publishers who join our network thanks to you.

- it is free and requires just 5 minutes -

Looking for traffic?

Join the best affiliate network for traffic quality.

We are very strict in selecting our publishers. We constantly monitor that the incoming traffic generated is of high quality.

Our goal is to become the best affiliate network in the world for traffic quality.

Imperial Deal is the biggest VIP affiliate platform dedicated to the gaming industry: because we work to be the best gambling affiliate network in the world, we are selecting fast-growing markets to build exclusive partnerships.

As we are expanding, our main markets at the moment are: South Africa, Nigeria, India, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Italy.

We would like to clarify that our service may not be suitable for customers from the United States. Also, never forget that online betting sites are illegal in some jurisdictions: it is your responsibility to check your local regulations before applying.

Qualified traffic

Join our network to enjoy the traffic and visibility of the best gambling websites in the world.

Guaranteed results

Our publishers have a lot of experience on the gambling affiliations industry, able to produce guaranteed results.

Optimization experts

We are the best because we work with the best. Our team boasts the support of the best gambling marketers in the world.

Dedicated support

Do you need support? No problem! An affiliate manager will be dedicated to you, ready to respond to your needs.

About us

We are a team of gambling experts

For over 20 years we have been making money with online affiliations thanks to networks of websites we own around the world.

We also offer very advanced web marketing consultancy to bookmakers capable of generating a large number of qualified players.

In 2021 we decided to concentrate all our experience by creating imperialdeal.com, the affiliate network that aims to be the best in terms of quality and profit.

Our motto is “the publisher at the center of everything” as long as the web traffic generated is of high quality.

This is why both before and during the entry of a publisher into our network, we will carry out constant monitoring so that all the players in the network can enjoy the benefits: profitable deals for publishers and quality traffic for merchants.

online gambling affiliation
Gambling affiliation

Gambling Affiliation: we work differently

With our service you will enter the world of gambling affiliations. We are talking about a fast-growing niche that presents many opportunities for all fans of online earnings.

This is not about promoting unknown companies or unlicensed online casinos, but rather it is about partnering with the best licensed brands in the industry. So why not contact the brands directly? The answer is simple: without credibility they will hardly accept new affiliates.

With over 20 years of success in the industry, we’ve built strong partnerships that allow us to offer exclusive deals: with a rich portfolio of sports, online gambling and casino affiliate programs, you just have to choose the one that’s right for you. Bring quality traffic and get paid every seven days!

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Imperial Deal is the first platform dedicated to affiliations on gambling, online sports betting and casinos. With over 20 years of experience, the goal of our project is to help publishers monetize their projects with the best deals on the market.

Yes, it is legal to promote iGaming programs in the countries that we are offering. While online betting sites are illegal in some jurisdictions, we can help you to be compliant with the latest regulations.

To make money with Gambling Affiliation, you need to sign up here, choose the biggest companies in the industry and start to promote them through your blog or landing page.

A gambling affiliate network is your ally to make money with games or sport betting. Thanks to your personalized affiliate link, you’ll be able to promote exclusive merchants and earn commissions every 7 days.

If you want to join our network, sign up here for free.

Some bookmakers deem the deposits equal to the baseline fraudulent, evaluating them as an abuse for the trigger of the CPAs, which will be invalidated and eliminated.

So please do not suggest the minimum deposit to players.

Furthermore, we remind you to respect the laws in force in the countries in which you operate. For example in Italy it is strictly forbidden to impose or suggest the deposit to players.

For any doubts or concerns, contact your Affiliate Manager and follow the Imperial Deal terms and conditions.